Want to start your own Biryani Restro?

Yappy's Biryani Station franchise is the best option you have...

Biryani Station is a Quick Service Restaurant serving varieties of innovative and healthy biryani dishes and more. The recipes are sourced from across the country, mix the traditional with the modern to create a healthy meal that can be enjoyed daily. Using a combination of modern food technology and traditional recipes, the meals are partially cooked in a world class centralizes production unit and served/delivered through our outlets spread in various parts of the country after cooking it fully.


To Open 'Yappy's Biryani Station Outlet You Need The Following Requirement:-

A passion towards serving high good quality food. with a commercial property owned, leased or rented at a prime location with a admeasuring approximate 250+ sq.ft. along with the following basic amenities like electricity power, water connection etc and all.

High foot-fall areas like bus stands, railway stations, malls, market place or places near school or college or any other crowded residential area would be preferred.

Ability to do investments around 9 to 10 lakh indian rupees depending upon the infrastructure and area with the arrangement of atleast 2-3 working staff.