My Undefined Love For Biryani

Biryani is a dish which is formally informal among all the Indian cuisine . It is occasionally unoccasional . It is a treat and also a celebration . Although it's not completely an Indian dish but it's still our country cuisine . Biryani had brought in India by Iranians . It is basically the Iranians dish . Apart from the origin biryani is also multi nutritious . But before getting inside the details of nutrients in depth , let's just understand the Indian concept of biryani .

Biryani has this special place in every Indian's heart , it's our tradition and emotions that we accept everyone and everything we get introduced to , afterall that's also the reason for India's being one of the largest secular country in the world .

The Indian version of Biryani is not only non vegetarian dish but veg biryani also is a variety for vegetarians , also egg biryani for eggitarians .The non veg biryani has mostly chicken/mutton/egg as main ingredient. Our Indian version of biryanies are as important and tasty as the Iranians, lets not designate it Iranian. Our biryani love has the huge Indian interest .

Biryani includes lots of ingredients to combine and make a perfect pack of multipurpose cuisine .The major confusion or half of the population is that's biryani and pulao are the same thing . Quite offensive for biryani lovers but actually it is about the structure , the ingredients and the method that makes both of them completely different .

Ingredients are the key products whether method is the process which makes cooking completely different . Biryani has Vegetables ground spices, best quality rice, water /milk and safron .The designed scientific ratio that balance flavours is the process that makes biryani a legendary cuisine .where as on differentiating the pulao is light combination of simple and tasty . Flavours for pulao include rice , vegetables , spices and water the basic and normal method of cooking . So now when the confusion has been resolved , another factor that got ignored before is nutrients. The health benifits of Biryani ,It is packed with protien , vitamins , fats and daily essentials .

Biryani have vegetable that is the basic human necessity , it has chicken / mutton / egg these are the ground and complete source of protein, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, carbohydrates and essential fats . It has the best quality rice which is the best source of carbs , potassium and fiber . Rice is also counted as the staple food . Not only rice but evry ingredient in biryani is counted among staple food list . Again biryani is best for weight loss characteristics .

Yes , biryani is a blessing for those who want to keep struggling to maintain their weight. The words can't describe the importance of biryani among India and its could almost take a whole guide if we get to describe it in every angle.

The words can't describe the importance of biryani among India and its could almost take a whole guide if we get to describe it in every angle . From the complete introduction to the conclusion of the greatness of Biryani, with every perspective and health factor it is a complete composition. So in the end where. Biryani love couldn't end.

Enjoy biryani without a second thought and with a soul contentment.


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